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  2. Product Types

    Hot Rolled

    Kloeckner boasts one of the nation’s largest inventories of high-quality hot rolled products



    Kloeckner uses the latest technology to produce hot rolled products of the highest quality across the entire supply chain. In addition to our extensive inventory of hot rolled products of every grade and thickness, we’re able to provide customers with additional value-add services like expert consultation and just-in-time delivery.
    • Hot Rolled
      Size Range

    Additional Product Types

    Whether you’re looking for hot rolled products or anything else, Kloeckner can be your metals supplier. As a top 10 North American metals distributor with over 50 service branches, we have an extensive inventory of over 200,000 products to meet your needs. See a small sample below.
    Steel Pipe & Steel Tube
    Kloeckner is dedicated to offering customers a...
    Steel Plate
    Kloeckner is proud to offer customers one...
    Carbon Flat Roll
    Kloeckner is at the forefront of the...
    Structural Tubing
    Kloeckner is dedicated to offering customers breadth...

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