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    fabrication of structural steel

    What to Know About The Fabrication of Structural Steel

    This article was published on: 09/15/20 4:32 PM

    What is Structural Steel Fabrication? Structural fabrication refers to the cutting, bending, and assembling of steel to create different products. During structural steel fabrication, several pieces of steel are combined together to form different structures of predefined sizes and shapes intended for assembly into buildings, industrial equipment, tools, and various other final products. What isn’t …

    Truck Driver James Crist

    Employee Spotlight: A Chat With Driver James Crist

    This article was published on: 09/8/20 12:58 PM

    We’re proud this week to shine a light on James Crist, a driver for Kloeckner Metals Tampa, who has already made a name for himself around Kloeckner as a cancer survivor who is committed to making a difference in the lives of those around him. James told us “I had colon cancer and survived, and …

    lightweight aluminum alloys

    Lightweight Aluminum Alloys in Aerospace & Automotive

    This article was published on: 09/1/20 4:51 PM

    Aluminum alloys are known for their corrosion resistance, ductility, conductivity, appearance, strength, and most of all their light weight. In general, aluminum alloys are 1/3 the weight of carbon and stainless steels. So, when comparing the weight of aluminum to steel, it’s easy to calculate – you can just divide by three! We also have …

    Jeff Hatcher Photo

    Jeff Hatcher: Celebrating 20 Years With Kloeckner

    This article was published on: 08/18/20 10:00 AM

    We’re always happy to celebrate long-time Kloeckner employees like Corporate Pricing Manager Jeff Hatcher, who this year commemorates 20 years with us. Jeff started out at Namasco, what would later become Kloeckner when it merged with Macsteel Service Centers USA in 2011, and has held a series of positions including Inside Sales Assistant, Sales Manager, …

    Aluminum oxidation corrosion

    Aluminum Oxidation: Is Aluminum Corrosion-Resistant?

    This article was published on: 08/13/20 6:23 PM

    According to the Aluminum Association, “nearly 75 percent of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today.” This is not only a testament to aluminum’s recyclability but also its ability to withstand corrosion. Aluminum holds its value down the supply chain. As the Aluminum Association goes on to say, “Aluminum is 100% recyclable and …

    Aluminum 3003 car radiator

    Why 3003 Aluminum Is The Most Common Aluminum Alloy

    This article was published on: 08/4/20 12:43 PM

    Aluminum ore is the most abundant metal element in the Earth’s crust. It is converted from bauxite, a sedimentary rock that is comprised of a number of aluminum and other compounds. While aluminum has become invaluable to a range of industries, it is not easy to access and undergoes a complex conversion process before becoming …

    3003 aluminum

    What’s The Difference Between 5052 & 3003 Aluminum?

    This article was published on: 07/28/20 11:00 AM

    3003 aluminum sheet and 5052 aluminum?sheet are typically known as “Common Alloys” because they are two of the most widely specified alloys in the aluminum industry. But the differences between them show that even minor tweaks?in the composition can have a big impact when it comes to desired properties and end-uses. Here is a list …

    aluminum 5052 perforated panelsc

    Why 5052 Aluminum Is So Popular With Our Customers

    This article was published on: 07/21/20 12:00 PM

    5052 aluminum is popular because it is one of the most versatile aluminum?alloys. It is strong enough for fuel tanks, but adaptable enough for utensils.?Why?is 5052 such a popular choice with our?customers??Here’s?the in-depth answer.? A General?Introduction?to 5052 Aluminum? Among 5052 aluminum’s benefits are good weldability, very good resistance to corrosion, and high fatigue strength. Because …

    heat treatment steel anneaing

    The 4 Types of Heat Treatment Steel Undergoes

    This article was published on: 07/14/20 6:07 PM

    In our last blog post, we covered the three stages of heat treatment that include heating the metal to a set temperature (the heating stage), keeping it at that temperature for a specific length of time (the soaking stage), and cooling it down to room temperature with a method that depends on the type of …

    heat treatment

    The 3 Stages of Heat Treatment

    This article was published on: 07/7/20 3:41 PM

    Overview of Heat Treatment? All of?the typical processes performed on metals produce?heat, whether it’s?welding or?cutting,?and any time you heat metal, you change the?metallurgical?structure?and properties?of it.?Inversely, you can also use heat treatment to restore metals to its original form.? Heat treatment is the process of heating metal without letting it reach its molten, or melting, stage, …

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